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Motherhood makes Women more efficient for Corporates. So let's Stop Questioning her worth.

Updated: Aug 1, 2018

Makes me wonder as to why does a career oriented woman, celebrating her child's birth, has to go through tremendous amount of pressure at this 21st century corporates to prove her worth. I mean, does she really has to prove it. She has been demonstrating her traits all through the nine months and even after that. Why does one even think a women will get inefficient after deciding to or getting into motherhood. Why as men, we don't get a question to prove our self if we, want to become father in corporates. They say, the women will lose focus, the women may tend to do mistakes, she wont be as efficient as before.

Mother & Child - The Bonding
Image only for representation to show the bond of mother and child

Do you really think that? I feel she outshines the men in every aspect.

These are the skills according to me where she gets six sigma certified.

She is more productive and learns skills of efficient multi tasking during mortherhood.
She is more disciplined and follows rigorous regime every single hour for the baby.
Her decision making time improves to perfection.
Her Analytical skills are at peak.
She makes sure she follows deadline
She doesn't need a calendar reminder to follow her tasks
Her selling skills are at peak and everyone in the family follows her direction to get the job done effectively and timely.
She works under tremendous pressure to keep the baby safe, family happy, eat healthy, work out, do chore jobs timely and yet everything looks flawless.
She practically runs the house like a CEO, yielding good prospect results.

And even then, she has to prove her worth to crack a interview, or ask for maternity or join work after maternity.

These are all my views, after seeing and interacting with many women in corporate. They fear to talk about motherhood where as we should be celebrating it.

Hence in a nutshell, we should welcome with open arms, all our mothers who wants to return to work, who wants to grow in career and achieve all the success in life.

Remember, you could have never been there to decide the fate, unless your mother took care of you.

What do you think?
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