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Adobe Scan - The Scanning App on Steroids.

Updated: Aug 1, 2018

Well, it's been just few weeks or so with the launch of the latest app offering from Adobe. The Adobe Scan.

Adobe Scan App

Now before you read this, just go to your app market, and download this power house on steroids.

All right. Here we go. I am not writing this because I happily work with Adobe and as an Adobe Evangelist or Adobe employee to be precised. I am writing this as an individual. Hence all my comments, views and reviews are completely from me and not anyhow influenced or endorsed by Adobe. These are all just my opinion on this fantastic beast I started playing from the beta till this final version.

As every brick in this so called business industry is moving towards Digitization, and Digital Marketing seems to be feeding many with new job opportunities and business growth. The often most neglected part of the business are these shi* loads of paper works lying in every corner. You can't discard them, as the moment you discard them, their need jumps right in front of your face from nowhere. Isn't it? I mean, you throw the receipt of your newly purchased smart watch, or shoes and then..."BAMMM...." the watch suddenly stops working, or that ultra comfort shoe cushion seems to get too uncomfortable. It happens all the time. So either you dig down the trash or else, talk your way through the service guys. Or let's just say, you are way to organized like my dad, and has all documents kept safe, but... where is it among those thousands of other docs.

Well, not to worry, Adobe Scan is here. Trust me, it's like a life savior for me. I Travel almost like Thrice a week. (I mean I used to, till I moved into this new role, which I can talk in some other article). And saving all my receipts for business claims used to be a nightmare. Keeping the paper safe, with no crease and folds, making sure the print did not come off. It used to be as tedious as SPG Commando feels while securing our Politicians. But all that, takes a back seat with this new app from Adobe.

So what's different in this than those many other plethora of scan tools/apps in the market. Well as Javed says it correctly.."It's Different".

All these other app just help you scan document one by one and just saves them majorly locally. Adobe Scan takes that further. Using its very own cloud, which is already making head turns in Creative Cloud, Marketing Cloud and Document cloud, Adobe Scan quickly captures anything from anywhere, and saves them directly on the Adobe Cloud. Once on the cloud, I can access these docs from any where on any device. But the icing on the cake comes in the form of making these document readable, searchable bang on your Mobile Device. You 'Heard Me Right'. Using its very own OCR technique, Adobe Scan App not only scans the Document from any media (Posters, Newspaper, Images, Websites, Tshirts and almost anything you can point your Smartphone at) but also does an OCR to make the text readable so I can I use it to search and find anything across any Adobe PDF tools like Acrobat Mobile or Desktop tool.

So now, I can precisely capture anything from anywhere and save them as searchable and readable PDFs on the cloud. It could be from a Whiteboard, an image, a receipt, a phone screenshot, or even from your web browser.

See the series of images below. I am at my desk and want to save few photoshop shortcuts printed on paper and then reuse them electronically using Adobe Scan.

So, I am not using the very basic way of scanning from a scanner and then using the high resolution file. I am going to make it tough for Adobe Scan.

The Flyer below is stuck on my work desk and that's exactly what I want to scan and make it reusable digitally by making it searchable. I will be using two apps. Adobe Scan and Adobe Acrobat on my iPhone 7. Here we go.

Well, I have my Superheroes saving my back 24/7. And that's the flyer I want to capture.

A closer look:

Closer look

Adobe Scan App Initialized. It automatically tries to find any document from the given scene. The Highlighted blue area indicates it has found a document. You can turn on/off the auto detect feature by tapping the icon on the left of Flash. As of now the Auto Detect is ON.

Once Captured, You can fine tune your selection using the sliders. Trust me, the zoomed circle to see the corners precisely is so far the best I have seen in compared to any app which has this feature.

After selecting the area, Adobe Scan saves it and converts it into a PDF, pushes it to its very own Document Cloud, and then does a quick OCR online to save the document with OCR enabled.

Now that's just wow!!! Brilliant!!

And here are the results. I can then chose to open the file in Adobe Acrobat App for mobile and voila, search what you want. I have even tried this by clicking images from a website and it works too.

Awesome! Kudos to the Acrobat and Adobe Scan Team.

What are you waiting for, go try it and you will love it. Again, these are all my opinion and not endorsed by anyone or any company. Get that?!!!

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